«Dolce far niente»

the sweetness of doing nothing

Being intrigued by the charm of doing nothing, I realised that the time you enjoy wasting is the most creative part of your life.

At the Andronis Group, we are passionate about creating moments and memories that resonate long after they have passed. We achieve this by ensuring our guests truly enjoy the simple pleasures. We are always seeking to create something lasting and wonderful for our guests, which is why they also become friends, returning to visit us over the years.


Each hotel offers a different adventure. Our philosophy is to live the holiday experience in full, in every way, every moment of your stay.

Each year our hotels are renovated. We throw open the doors and start afresh. The charm and individuality of our hotels lies in our attention to detail, touches that connect the contemporary interiors with the island’s architecture and natural beauty. Our latest venture on Santorini’s most romantic, sunset coast, brings guests to the most sought-after part of the island.


In the kitchens of our renowned restaurants we are taking nouvelle cuisine to a new level of culinary excellence.

The diverse and distinctive character of our restaurants and bars makes each one an unforgettable destination. Our team of dynamic and creative chefs express their passion for fine food in every dish, adding to their delicious menus each season to tempt you back.


The Andronis Boutique is all about harmonies of colour, mood and fabric, all fashioned with a bohemian sensibility.

Must-have pieces by the latest generation of Greek fashion designers are sure to put you in a summery mood. The only trick is choosing between the carefully colour-coordinated clothes and accessories that will take you through every day and night of your holiday.

Savour the atmosphere

The right atmosphere in every walk of life is one that allows people to "bloom." Realizing the value of this idea, we encourage you to free your senses enhancing your stay with rich and unexpected experiences that will become memorable stories.

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