Date Chef Info Venue
25.6 .2019 Asterios Koustoudis Talented Chef Asterios Koustoudis is the Executive Chef of Hotel Grande Bretagne and King George Hotel. Awarded with a Michelin star, Asterios believes in simple cuisine, gives emphasis on premium quality fresh ingredients and advanced cooking techniques in order to achieve clean flavors and create exquisite dishes. With his wide experience in Mediterranean and Greek cuisine, he has given a modern twist to the menus of both hotels capturing the essence of each season. He developed his culinary skills at an elite list of restaurants and hotels such as Macedonia Palace hotel and ‘Agioli’ restaurant at Electra Palace hotel in Thessaloniki as well as Pentelikon hotel, where he won a Michelin star for creating Greek Mediterranean cuisine at “Vardis” restaurant. He is currently the Culinary Director of Marriott International hotels in Greece. He has considerably contributed in promoting Greek gastronomy worldwide by taking part in multiple international culinary festivals in Mougins, Marseilles and South France as well as in Bocuse d’Or in Lyon. Throubi Logo
9-10.7 .2019 Thomas Bühner Thomas Bühner has been a member of the League of German Top Chefs for more than 20 years. From April 2006 to July 2018, Bühner was the Managing Director and Chef at Restaurant La Vie in Osnabrück. During this time he was also a "Grand Chef" at Relais & Châteaux from 2009 and on. He believes that there is no more authentic and intense flavour than the original one and this is why the basis for all his dishes consists of each ingredient’s natural flavour. Furthermore, Bühner follows low-temperature cooking while his menu is composed like a symphony with purist dishes being juxtaposed with playfully arranged plates. Lauda Logo
19-20.7 .2019 Pere Planaguma A Spanish two-Michelin starred chef presents a refined cuisine of rural landscape and seasonality. His work is about a cuisine that is simple yet essential, refined yet generous, sustainable gastronomy in a globalized world. Small things fill him with joy and get him closer to essentiality and to a complete life. Planaguma’s cuisine is a virtuous game of authentic flavors, rich aromas and bold colors. Lauda Logo
28.7 .2019 Christian Le Squer With 12 years heralded by three Michelin stars, Christian Le Squer is a determined Chef who defines himself as a creator of flavors and composer of tastes. As far back as his souvenirs go, there are certain smells coming from the sea and they all comprise the main thread that helps him to constantly explore flavors and harmonious associations. Christian Le Squer aims to perpetuate «the art of living à la française» at the heart of the Four Seasons Hotel George V. His « special touch» will be recognized as a cuisine of tradition with a modern outlook, strong and soothing and he wishes to create signature dishes while retaining a certain simplicity. While his greatest pride consists in engraving in memories a signature dish, a moment, a sensation, he also intends to offer a high-end gastronomical experience, keeping in mind a strong sense of well-being that is so important today. Lycabettus Logo
8-9.8 .2019 Matt Lambert Matt Lambert, a New Zealand native who developed his skills working in some of New York’s top kitchens, opened The Musket Room in 2013, bringing together his New Zealand heritage and modern techniques to crystallize his early adolescent dreams. Only four months after opening, Chef Lambert together with his partners celebrated receiving the first highly coveted Michelin star. Just two years later, Lambert earned a StarChefs Rising Star Chef Award for his work and the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star for the third consecutive year in October 2015. In Musket Room, Lambert tries to create his own interpretation of things, and as New Zealand cuisine is not about tradition, there is a lot of room for creativity. Lambert makes the food he likes and tries to do it the best way he can. His dishes are thoughtful and composed, reflecting his New American experience and classical French training. He describes his cuisine as simple and honest, staying true to the ingredients and highlighting their natural flavors. He believes that inspiration is everywhere and he loves the act of making something and giving it to somebody. OpsonLogo
27-28.8 .2019 Emmanuel Renaut Emmanuel Renaut is the Chef and founder of Flocons de Sel, the legendary 3 Michelin Starred restaurant of Megève. This village of the Alps of southeastern France is where he invented his incredibly courageous and creative cuisine and his well known tendency to work with wild plants. Flocons de Sel is also a member of the “Grands Chefs” Relais & Châteaux and “Grandes Tables du Monde”. The opportunity to try Chef’s Renault’s cuisine is more than unique. Lauda Logo
31.8-1.9 .2019 Alex Dilling Alex Dilling, recently-appointed Executive-Chef of the world-renowned two Michelin-starred restaurant, The Greenhouse. His culinary journey started when working for the master of French gastronomy, Alain Ducasse, in New York. In 2012, Alex Dilling built upon his already notable gastronomic talent as Chef De Cuisine at New York hidden gem, Caviar Russe, which earned a Michelin star under his direction in 2013, a clear highlight and career-defining moment. He then moved to London to join Hélène Darroze at The Connaught where he most recently led the team as Executive Corporate Chef, maintaining the London restaurant’s two Michelin stars. Meticulous precision and attention to detail have become ingrained in his style today. His unrivalled technical skill complements the elite Mayfair restaurant’s extensive wine list of over 3,400 labels, collected by MARC Chairman and leading restaurateur, Marlon Abela who identified Alex Dilling as one of the world’s greatest culinary talents. Lycabettus Logo
9.9 .2019 Ettore Botrini Ettore Botrini has a long professional path as from 1986 to 1992 he received training and worked with his father Etrusco Botrini, a chef himself, in numerous MED Clubs all over the world. In the next two years he worked in the family business “Etrusco” restaurant in Corfu, an award winner among the best restaurants in Greece with continuous upward rankings from food guides. In 1993-94 Ettore Botrini continued his training in various awarded with Michelin-Star restaurants in Monaco/France which was followed by his return to Corfu in 1999 in order to take over as the head chef of “Etrusco” restaurant. He continued his training though, since in 2006 he moved to Spain where he attended a number of seminars in molecular cuisine and completed his practical course. In the same year, as well as in 2009, he had practical training next to his friend and 3 stars awarded chef Martin Berasategui. OpsonLogo
13-14.9 .2019 Gert de Mangeleer Bespoke dining experience from the Belgian three-Michelin starred chef of the Hertog Jan restaurant (Brugge, Belgium). For Gert de Mangeleer cooking is all about passion, fun and bringing people together. Travelling, new ingredients and exchanging experiences drive his inspiration daily. Being a Captain of Gastronomy for Flanders he strives to place Flanders as a culinary destination on a world’s gastronomic map. Lycabettus Logo
21-22.9 .2019 Jacob Holmström Jacob Holmström was practically raised at his father’s restaurant. He spent a year at a restaurant called Linnéa, that’s where he first met Anton, with whom he now runs Gastrologik. After Linnéa, he spent two years working at Bagatelle, which later became a two Michelin starred restaurant. Later he moved to Paris where he met Pascal Barbot and he quickly got promoted as a chef de partie at Lástrance. After two years, the restaurant earned its third Michelin star. In October 2011, Jacob opened the restaurant, Gastrologik and in 2013 he got his first star in the Guide Michelin. Pascal’s techniques, his unusual ways of cooking and his way of treating the producers, is something that has shaped Jacob as a chef. At Gastrologik, he starts his weeks by going to his gardener and this is where the week’s menu begins to take shape. The price is not what makes the produce exceptional; it is the quality that does that. Working this way, by listening to the producers, he guarantees that the restaurant always has what’s best in that moment of time. And that is the Logic of Gastrologik. Throubi Logo