«Dolce Far Niente»

sweet doing nothing

Being intrigued by this way of life I realized that the time you enjoy wasting, is the most creative

In Andronis group, we are passionate about creating moments and memories that resonate long after they’ve happened. Our way to achieving this, is by making our guests truly enjoy simple things. We constantly seek to create something bigger than our strengths. This is how our guests become also our friends and visit us again over the years.


Each hotel offers a different adventure. Our philosophy is to live ‘the holiday experience in full’ every way.

Every year the hotels are renovated. We open the doors and every expectation is exceeded. It's all about little touches that lie harmonically along with the island’s architecture and its breathtaking view! Our latest venture in Santorini's most romantic side, makes you truly connect with the best part of the island.


We are taking nouvelle cuisine further by developing tailor made culinary experiences

The rare and diverse character of all the restaurants and bars can only be deeply etched in your mind. In our cuisine a selected renowned team of chef partners share their passions. Every year our creative culinary suggestions satisfy your inmost desires.


It’s all about harmonious and relational aesthetics with a yet bohemian sensibility

Inspirational pieces signed by the latest generation of Greek fashion designers will definitely put you straight into summer mood. The choice is always difficult as every piece of the collection palette is carefully hand-picked to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Save all the atmosphere

The right atmosphere in every walk of life is one that allows people to "bloom." Realizing the value of this idea, we encourage you to free your senses enhancing your stay with rich and unexpected experiences that will become memorable stories.

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